Checked out an Art Gallery Reception

Saturday, 2.8.20

Today’s weather was beautiful. It felt like springtime. Groundhog Phil was right, afterall. At 3 pm, I decided to go to the Spectrum Center mall to check art an art gallery reception. When I arrived, I stopped at Barnes and Noble to check out a writing book, as well as browsing movies CDs section. The mall was very crowded that it felt like Xmas season. 

As I approached the Village Gallery, I noticed decoration for the reception.

The artist is Fabio Napoleoni. His artwork characters are toys, and it is about love, inspired by his daughter’s heart problem, which fits in with the February Valentine theme. 

Here are some window snapshots.

The art gallery was crowded with people, and many people were buying artwork. The customer’s who bought Napoleoni’s artwork got his autograph. One woman bought a stuffed doll of this Dragon Boy–a little boy wearing a green dragon costume.

This snapshot looks cool because the reflection of the heart ballon in the window looks surreal.

I ate some snacks while I browsed inside the crowded gallery.

This is Dragon Boy, one of the characters.


What do you think?

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