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Caryatid – head to head

Here is the last show piece I am doing for the Dia de los Muertos run this year, just a girl in catrina makeup in a graveyard, standing before a caryatid. Not a lot going on, but it seems like there is something happening on a psychological level. What do you think so far?

#1 work in progress

this treatment does a lot for the girl but it hurts the statue. might have to split the difference or I'll be robbing Peter to pay Paul

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#2 omake

materials test for the lace on her vest. right now it isn't working but the pattern should help...

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#3 raw image

In this version I've punched up her eyes and even though it doesn't brighten up her face at all, it LOOKS like her face is brighter. So that's a relief...

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What do you think?

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