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This One’s for You…


She’s a song

She’s a poem

Like a shining dove

She’s a letter of love,

She’s our Carol…

Delicate like rain

She knows life’s joys n’ pain

But she’s tough like the blood

who flows from Heaven’s gates…

Tho not perfect

She’s uniquely sweet

She’s loving 

And she’s worth it

She’s fun and she’s fair

Her garden 

is like the healing waters 

of the river Jordan,

Strategically placed here

She’s Miss Carol…

For all the reasons why

In and out of season

Her light is the personification

of happiness to the world,

She’s our girl and more

She’s our Carol…



And of course

Incredibly lovable…


She’s a letter of love to the world,

For all the reasons why

Inside and out

She’s Christ’s Miss Carol…


 Copyright © 2019                        Bradley M. Tremmil    




When you step into her garden

One thing’s for sure

You’ll find love

You’ll find peace

You’ll find joy within,

An open door

You’ll find a friend 

At Carol’s…

Because her heart is evergreen

Her flowers always seem

to bloom in the midst of spring

There you will see

The Rose of Sharon

kissed by the most magnificent 

of sunsets 

You can bet that

This place of budding birds

and busy bees

Is Graced with floating butterflies…

When you step into her garden

In living colour

You will find warmth


A smile

And a Christ miss perfume,

For more joy ahoy

Be fly in July

Step in tune like it was

a merry Christmas in June…

Angelic belle 

Shiny like em jingle bells

She’s Christ’s Miss Carol

Where love’s an open door,

One thing’s for sure

In and out of seasons

Indeed you will find a friend,

At Carol’s… 


Copyright © 2019                        Bradley M. Tremmil     



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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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  1. WOW!!!! What can I say. I am blown away my friend. So much to say. First of all THANK YOU!
    And the words, oh my gosh, I read each one over and over. And the song Unforgettable is an all time favorite of mine. You are absolutely the best. I don’t know what else to say right now. Just the best! And you have made my day over and over again.


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