Cardio Pulmonary Resusitation

Being a nurse for 14 years this was and is a skill that you had to learn and hopefully never had to use.

C is for cardiac compressions

A is for atria

R is for respiration

D is for diastolic pressure

I is for intensity of situation

O is for order of operations

P is for pulse

U is for understanding signs

L is for legal rules to follow

M is for muscle contractions

O is for order

N is for notes of situation

A is for artery

R is for reading the signs

Y is for yearly certifications

R is for restoration of life

E is for emergencies

S is for sustainability

U is for undertaking the lead in a situation

S is for study (practice)

I is for information given to prepare 

T is for tactile skill 

A is for American Heart Association

T is for teaching skills

I is for interactive

O is for organization of scene

N is for nicely done when recovery occurs.

  This is not a definitive definition of CPR.


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