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Car with a Cool Background

Title: Car with a Cool Background

Made with: Gimp

Style: Graphic Design

Copyright © Courtney Dutton

This is one of the first designs I did using Gimp.  I wanted to put a car over a kaleidoscope background.  I took the background out of the car image, and then I put it over an image of a gradient with an effect using the sun ray brush. It’s not exactly a kaleidoscope, but it is still cool.

Since this was one of my first things I did using Gimp, I didn’t have the most control over the tools; so the car part of the picture is a bit sloppy.  I still think it looks cool, I just know it’s not at the level of my most recent artwork.

What do you think of this? Should I have just deleted it since it’s not as good, or is it good to show where I started so everybody knows how far I have come?


What do you think?

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  1. It’s a cool depiction of that car. The thing I found the most unsatisfying in the beginning was “drawing” with a mouse since I don’t have a tablet. It takes some practice for sure. Slowing down the tracking speed helped but I still find it a challenge. I am better with pencils and brushes.

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