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Cappuccino gold

Girl you’re that treasure

An expensive choice

who sets me on a buzz

Beautiful n’ golden

Behold in my sunshine

24 carats the way you shine

Must be a habit 

I gots to have it

My suga my sweet

Down in my belly low

you give me butterflies

Ooh nah-nah you mama

auspiciously you caffeinate me

I’m exasperating

gettin’ fever from your hotness

Deliciously you’re that prize

Something in your eyes

cries for into me you see

Loving on your basis

As I sup from your cup

I promise girl

I promise to go deeper

into your poetical oasis

Intelligence is sexy

when I hear you speak

More Dior

Show me the spirals of your places

Willingly I’m willing to adore

Melting me ooh you amour

You glow my mind

into dimensions of spaces

Beautiful n’ bold

My Cappuccino Gold

Grinning that I’m winning

from my seven

As I taste of your quested heaven

Lady oh my lady

no limit the shine

Thru your silky way

Take me to the edge

of your infinity…

Copyright © 2019         Bradley M. Tremmil  


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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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