Roots of a Tree

Of the Soil

Of the Sun

Know your identity

Your Originality

Hum in the drumming

Just like I’m

You’re the rhythm

You’re the rhyme

You the,

Yudah Maccabees,

Birds and Bees

Here to overseas

Everyday dedication

Pray on meditation

Devotion is the potion

You’re Jewels of the Most High

Not a product

of those who most lie,

Cause for hesitation

We need no vaccination

Breast milk to a child

Mother Earth provides us Medication,

Be not beguiled

by the wiles of the gentiles

They’ve already sold their souls,

For a dollar and a dream

They’ll try to sell you

what’s already yours

While some worship

at the temple of their balls,

Wheat and tares

Can you tell the difference

Or are you

still panting under their spell,

How can anyone

call the good thing weed?

When weeds character

is to steal, kill and destroy,


Hu man

Go home to Alkebulan

When the storms come

Be far from that woman

As is was in the beginning

So it shall be in the end,


You are no slave

Be strong I pray

Up to the Sun

Take back your days,

If you can wee

It’s a wonder

like Stevie’s Wonder,

You the

Yudah Maccabees 

Copyright © 2020         Bradley M. Tremmil 


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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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