CAFFEINE'S: Vineyard of God…

Vineyard of God…

 How can I define 

All that you are

When words are not enough to say?

What are the words to say

Knowing that you’re waiting

And you patient


Anticipating on me,

But I’m in ‘kinda miming’

How do I

What do I say

Should I

Should I be rhyming

In perfect timing

Me speechless?

How could they fail me

How could I ever be

at a loss for words

Except, except

Accept oh Vineyard of God

It’s the peace within you bring,

It must be in the way you

You calm me

With your wine of poetry divine,

Goodness gracious

I can clearly see

You are an ode

You are poetry 

And like the French say Poésie’

You could be my Poésie’ cat,

You see

I’ve been like the moon waning

But then you


A slow burning flame

Your fire yes

You know just how to tame

All this fire on fire,

Although I say

Speechless is not weakness

As silence is no less I guess

A mystery this chemistry

For all the reasons why

Miss spice & all things nice

You are 4 seasons of loveliness

As is juicing with apricots & peaches,

Intelligence is relevant

It’s evident how much you care for

Therefore you are my earth

And I am your water,

Belle Amor 

My belle of wine

Just so you know

Step by step

Everyday I’m one step closer,

I will not stop

I just can’t stop

Until I’m blessed inside your beauty

Until we’re dancing

Oh Vineyard of God,

Barefoot in the rain….😉….

Copyright © 2020         Bradley M. Tremmil 


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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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