CAFFEINE'S: Slow, Steady & Correct…

Vibing on Timbaland’s beats, this one inspired me to Me-mix one of my old pieces. 

# Throwback…I just had to spice it up a little bit. Just a little bit. 


Eagle I

High above the hills

Like a cool breeze

swift in the country

Eyes circling the runaway,

Many ports a calling

Be led go ahead

Instead I see your light on

Frills n’ thrills en vogue

My, my, my

Super fly 

See I can’t deny

I like the flow

I like the glow,

Green lights in sync 

I thinks I blinks

I’m keen for go

Belle amour I see 

birds and bees

Like nectar from the Gods

Your honey’s looking 

pretty good to me,

Can we?

See you’re the kinda girl

who needs slow, steady & correct

You want something

that can last with allure

For you 

Life must be sure,

appealing, revealing 

And most definitely secure,

I’m the kinda guy

who can tell em diamonds

from the carats to it’s class,

Sassy sass 

Head to feet

Front to rear

I’m loving on your mass,

My musicology is temperamental

Which means I can switch

from one genre to the next

just-like-that –

Yes and if you guess,

My passion’s on the slow flow

Make it last 

We can tippy-tippy tass,

Motions like oceans

My food is poetry

From hot & spicy to mild,

Erotic, hypnotic & even platonic,

I don’t mind the usual 

But the unusual

is what takes me there,

Tell me

Tell me

How would you like

me to prepare…

Cruise in cuisine 

If you dare

I’ll take you there,

Slow, steady and correct…                        

Copyright © 2016 Bradley M. Tremmil


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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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