CAFFEINE'S: Sauvignon…



Just so we know

You should know I know

Miss luxurious you

All inquisitive and curious

You’re so playful like a kitty cat,

‘Now how bout that

Ain’t it kinda whack,

A kitty-kitty into Cat

Juicy boo see

Like a wild thing 

Love the way she dancing

She so choosey 

Ooh she oozing,

She’s so curious about the juicing’

Lady Fabulous

Loving on the way you vibing me

Like aliven me ,

I must admit

I could feel this Spring

would something interesting

But never did I imagine

A Sauvignon Blanc

as so damn fine as you


Oh my oh my

Like butterfly wings in sing

I’m almost jealous of the sun

who shines his rays upon

your delicate olive skin,

You’re curious

And I’m curious

How about a pen n’ paper

So we write new pages

of adventurous things to do

Like falling sweet into

something accidentally beautiful

Starring you

Starring me,

Ooh we fill

When the midnight star is blue

Of the chalice of the cups

I take a sip

You take a sip 

For an audience to be

I shall offer thee

Uniqueness like a boutique

As in luxurious scenes

From a brand new theme called,

‘The Opera’….😉….

Copyright © 2020         Bradley M. Tremmil 


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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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