CAFFEINE'S: Purposed By Accident…

I originally intended to write this piece as a contribution to ‘Women’s month’. But one of my very special friends without even realizing it, inspired me to rework the theme into friendship….I can just see you smile.

Purposed By Accident… 

Life is art

When seen thru the eyes

of the Artist,

Life is music

When felt thru the dance

of the Composer,

Life is poetry

When we learn to write

the pages of our days

by the spirit of the Poet,

Hung up on a canvas

Strategically misplaced

in and out of time

by gravitational limitations

All of creation

is an array of stories

co-written with the Gods

As definitive incomprehensible

protoplasmic characters,

How frustrating is the manipulation

from the forces who push and pull against,

But how fascinating

is the power of attraction

which surpasses mortal understanding,

What other power can be reckoned with

Other than the power of unity

Moreover the power of united love,

By accident on purpose

From the best of you

To the best of me

For the rest of me

To the rest of you

We wrote the pages of our lives

by the choices that we made,

I am here because of you

You are there because of me

And are where we are

Because once upon a time

Our worlds collided

Then we were there,

Purposed by accident….😉….

Copyright © 2020         Bradley M. Tremmil 


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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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