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CAFFEINE'S: Pillowettes…

Dedicated to all the lovers…


On this bed of mine

I lay me down to sleep

Eyes slightly peeped

I see silhouettes of you

Come feed me more

with that which I hungered for,

Wishful thinking’s peak

are higher than Himalaya’s sun 

They savour thoughts

that we’re apt in twine,


Oh lovely as the rays  

Bring to me 

fruits of flavor I pray

I yay for the essences,

Here these lessons wrought

Our vibrations’ capitulate

whilst our pillows speak,

A passage to Bahria 

Like paper jets 

fly over misty moons

My oh my

I beholding invitations,

The rhyme is ripe

So let’s not waste 

this moment in time,

Open up that treasure box

Oh Madame incroyable

Lead me to your fore,

Pillow whets

Teach me to learn

And I’ll whet you more,

In the late of night

You and I 

We’re Silhouettes 

Riding high 

above these midnight skies,

Ay, ay, 

Oh my

Our Pillowettes…

Copyright © 2020         Bradley M. Tremmil 


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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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