When you can’t see

forests from the trees

It’s easy to brood about life

Thoughts all fired up not knowing

It seems like 

there’s no coolness flowing 

No breeze,

You’d be better 

if you get your mind at ease 

The key is to what pleases 

Flow onto the evergreen

high above the plain

Vibe in thru the frequency

and step into my terrain ,

Lady oh my lady

Maybe just maybe there 

we’ll find a cabin in the woods,

See music 

sets the mood in life

So we play on

Don’t haste

There’s no need to rush 

Lest we waste 

this moment in time

If poetry be the food of love

Then set yourself free,

And come and get a little taste,

So you like play dough

Yay tho I know Plato

Four hands in a bowl

We can mix and mix

A little sip on the latte

Or espresso I guess so

How about something

new and unusual 

Just as You-nique as you 

You sassy boo you,

Ooh something different like

Espresso whipped cream

with the Oreo sprinkled over

More over ease with the breeze

You an me as a team

It’ll be like a dream,

If poetry be the food of love

Then set yourself free,

Of the food,

Come and get a little taste…


Copyright © 2020         Bradley M. Tremmil 


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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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