Saxxy eyes 

You sassy wise

Like a letter of love

What do I do with you?

True blue

A to ooh

Ooh you

Just as sure as skies are blue

I swear 

I hear the music

tripping over you,…

Perfumed in bloom

Scented on an Opium high

Her pretty witty side of you

She’d fly me to the moon 

And right back down

like midnight shines in June,

Oasis the case is

Me love in on your basis 

Cry me a river

Deep into my ocean blue

For your orbit

Bass I be wheeling freely

Upon your desert sands 

like waterfalls on dunes 

Until you feed me

from your countless shades

of tunes,…

Flowers now is 

Hours n’ ours

A taste so chaste enthralled

I’ll wet you with my worlds,

Like Classic is a theme 

We’re lovers in the scene 

And you Oasis

You’re an Epic 

Like a work of art unveiled,


Oasis your base is 

A to Ooh… 

Copyright © 2020         Bradley M. Tremmil 


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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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