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CAFFEINE'S: Lets Talk Christ…


Around the table a few friends and colleagues were sharing in conversation,

Girl: some of you guys are such hypocrites

how can you talk so much about God and Jesus

but your actions don’t line up with what’s written

in the book of the word?

Friend: dude put your phone away. it’s rude to be texting in company.


Girl: yeah! who’s boo are you chatting up now – brutha!

Artist: what?…it’s just my cousin…chillax.

Friend: he or she?

Artist: huh? is that a trick question? 

Friend: no just a question

Girl: must be a lover from another mother

Artist: what?…hey, hey…get out my face,

            …don’t get side tracked by me, get back into the mix of things

Male: man why are being evasive? just answer the question?

Friend: he or she? the last time it was your mama, who’s it this time?

Artist: you of all people? for real, are really gonna do me like me this?

Friend: cos you…my friend, are being rude in company. not so?

Girl: more like hoe

Friend: hoe, hoe? or ho-ho-ho ho? 

Girl: girl friend, go figure

Dude: ya’ll confusing me

Artist: (addressing friend) I don’t like you no more!

Friend: I don’t like you right now,

Artist: you are nasty, 

Friend: yes…

Artist: evil,

Friend: yes…

Artist: despicable…            

Friend: and you are being a hoe!        

Male: OK, okay, just stop it now! 

          how did we get to take our focus off Jesus Christ to end up

          distracted by this guy?

Artist: yeah that’s right, you tell them Padre. tell it like it is…

Male:  and you my brother

the one who made some strong notions about truth and lies.

why don’t you just be honest about who you’re chatting with

on the phone, so we can get our focus back on the road.

it’s that simple…

Girl: that’s right playa, you need to redeem yourself.

Artist: who are you to judge me? before today,

some of ya’ll never spent a day in your life with me.

you don’t know me, so act like you do…

Male: listen my brother, no one is judging you.

we’re here to get to know each other better. we’re stronger together

when we’re honest with each other.

          I for one,…respect you as a person. I follow what you do.

I admire your talent. Many of us are inspired by your works

so never stop, please keep on going…

but…lets face it, you mostly write about women and girls.

and it seems like every 6 months or so there’s a new one

in the picture.

can you blame anyone for drawing their own conclusions?


what are we suppose to think?

hear me out, I’m on your side,

I believe you. just show them your phone

so you can shut the lion’s mouth, well so to speak.

if you don’t mind, enlighten us a little more, about you.


Artist: okay…ok. miss yappidy yap over there why don’t you

read this out loud.

Girl: “hey cuz I’m so excited to hear

that you’re coming home for Christmas.

just confirm that your favorite dishes are still the same

because I need to prepare,

Love Jen”

wow, urm,…I’m, I’m so sorry

Friend: actually don’t be!

if this sucker was forth coming from the start

there would’ve been no need for unnecessary drama.

so we good. not guilty my sister. we are goood!

someone else needs to apologize.

Artist: it’s a small thing that ya’ll magnifying here.

so for what it’s worth, I apologize, I do.

Er,…merely because

I was part of prolonging a distraction from the main focus, alright.

Ya’ll know,

I love women. I do but not in a bad way.

I don’t like some of ya’ll.

so when I run from you, that’s on you, not on me.

nevertheless, ya’ll know I’m a writer, so I write.

some of it is metaphoric fiction.

a lot of it is truth about my experiences from the past, present

& the way I’m trying to shape my future.

sometimes I use the feminine gender as a metaphor for many

things, like an instrument, a car, my goals and so forth.

it all depends on the outer muse at the time.

Girl 2: what about your latest muse? is she for real? 

Artist: oh yes she is. she’s amazing, she is awesome, yeah.

it’s quite possible

that she could be the model of models for my inner muse.

Girl: so this is it. is this the one?

Artist: huh? 

Dude: where’s your mind?                    

Artist: sorry man. this song, I’m connecting with this song.

I can feel the poetry coming up. ‘Mash Potatoes’…

Girl: this boy done lost his mind. crazy artists…mxm.

Artist: no not at all. 

            I heard a pastor teach about God one time.

that the God head

is like potatoes mixed together like mash potatoes.

now please excuse me,

I’m gonna sit over there by myself

to let the poetry speak to me about Mash Potatoes,

then I’m gonna write it out,

or at least I’ll be tryin’…

don’t be offended by me being me,

just leave me alone

until I holler back at ya’ll…shup



Just so you know

I ain’t being nitty

Just me be-in-g me

A little witty in the city

Don’t mind the floetry

of my poetry

So be kind to yourself

Please do have an open mind



Let it sink sync,

Yah yo flow

Here we go my friend…


You say toe-may-toe

I say tow-maa-tow

I say po-taa-tow

You say po-tay-toe

Agree to disagree


You say Christmas

I say Christ-Miss

So where to?

Do we too

agree to not to dismiss this?

Whether we do or not

Be sure

Yah mo be there –

for sure,

I heard a wise man

break it down rather concise

A doctor at that to be precise,


The author of Poetry

Yah the creator God

As a metaphor

is like the mash potato mix,


Like I said

Have an open mind…

God the Father

God the Son

God the Holy Spirit

Are all in One

Spirit Beings

inseparably intertwined

Yet function in ranking order

of the highest hierarchy…

Who ever is proposed to Yahoshua,

this is to say God’s Son

instantly becomes His Miss

In other words

‘His bride to be’

And the deeper

she falls in love with Him

The more she becomes

entwined with this mash potato mix,

You can say Christmas

I can say Christ-Miss,



To agree

Or not to agree,


There is no way

anyone should celebrate the Christ

without celebrating His bride

Never mind the differences

It’s also about me & you too

This year

If we’re One in spirit

lets be the merrier

What you say Miss?

Come mash potato with me…


Copyright © 2019               Bradley M. Tremmil    


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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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    • The awakening is the real privilege to have time even a moment of time.
      It is the wealth of honor to see the mirror of truth.
      Sadly all the money and power in the world cannot buy a second chance to make right what has been horribly wronged.

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