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CAFFEINE'S: In This Lifetime…

In This Lifetime…

All life matters,

Except as it is in this world

The value of a life’s worth

is placed on the function

of it’s cause within a society,

Wheels within a wheel

Societies disorder

is an order void of sobriety,




Like slaves to a rhythm

dancing high up on the floor

A life’s will and choice

Without rehabilitation

are gambits to the players game,

Racing is towards what end?

In the game

Of the game

Playing the game

Got the game

Not the same,

When you pray

Pause for discourse,

What’s Black

What’s White

What’s Grey,

What’s mine

What’s yours,

Ever wonder why there’s wars?

Of course

You and I

We’re pieces of a puzzle

to a higher cause

Locks and keys

For reasons in seasons

we feel thru vibrations,

So far yet so close

You should know

that there’s only 1 like you

It’s absurd to think

that anyone can ever

take your place,

Wings in this thing

there’s no I and me

But rather a vibe in the tribe

learning more and more

about the us and a we,


Why are we born here

if not for something to see?

In this lifetime…

Copyright © 2020         Bradley M. Tremmil  



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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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