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CAFFEINE'S: In The Key Of Love…


She: you shouldn’t keep a woman waiting.

        did your mama not teach about those things?


He: yeah I know but it’s not rightly complete yet.

       just chill alright.

She: promises, promises, promises,

        all the same…men!

He: why you fussin’? like wha-what’s the rush?

She: oh I’m sorry. my bad for expecting more from you

        I didn’t think you’d come in so short…

He: huh? that don’t sound right.

       I’m gonna bite my tongue and not say anything.

She: you better!

He: I tell what tho. I got a little something to keep you going

       for the meantime. It’s kinda like a prelude.

       like Alicia Keys, keys to the thang…

       you know what I’m saying?

She: no!

He: oh…Aah…I see. anyway check this out, for now…



C to C. 

A one to 7 mystery. 

Back and forth to one that mates at 8. 

C to sea

Right before the eyes

If you can’t see for looking

The missing key is C in the Key of Love,

Now that we have the Keys

A quiet time to play

Side by side

Beside the piano

We sail away

On a journey from night into light

Destination everywhere and nowhere in time

Just as long as you there,

Rhyming couplets

Timing with sharps and flats

Augmented on a magic ride

There’s treasures beyond discoveries anew,

More of me with more of you

Side by side

We flow on low to ride on high,

With diamonds in our eyes

we play in Braille

A piano in the dark

We’re looking for silver streams

Every where and know where,

Where to from there?

It don’t matter where

Safe from harm

As long as you are there,

For more of you

And more of myself

With God in it

It’s something to see,

A harmony to being

Being the Keys of Love…


A rose that blooms

like a perfume in the garden

In essence of being

Love is a charming fragrance

Liken to an endless prose 

who awakens the senses

True love is not selfish

Neither is it unkind,

It’s light holds no prisoners

except a sentence to be 

Ever youthful 


Being troth to the radiance

Where even the shadows

endorses like wines in light,

Transcendentally gleaming

Like vapors which sail upon the 7 seas

It frees the spirit

And opens the eyes of the mind

If love is a game

Then it’s a sport

Not a cheering race or competition, 

Premised on mutual respect 

it rides on saddles of dignity, 

In the key love

There are melodies

as sweet as remedies

Just like honey soothes

when the autumn breezes,

See in the key of love

There are no walls

Like daylight

dances with twilight’s moon

You can be sure

Love answers when you call,

Rose are red

And violets are flowers

Just as rain falls

in showers and showers

When poses tickles

the tips of noses

The keys of love

speak for hours and hours…

Copyright © 2020         Bradley M. Tremmil 


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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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