CAFFEINE'S: Hungover…



After the morning after

The record’s done it’s last lap

No more smoke & mirrors

When the bubbles were burst

No-one even noticed

them balloons been popping,

Now the party’s over

But who’s still choking

from the smoke in their eyes,

Had their share of helium

Like so high

Like so glad

Had the whole club on laughter

Now the party’s over

And yesterday’s wines    

playing rewind in her mind

She can’t get over

But what’s left over

She hung over

with eyes glossy full of tears,

Could it be she’s tripping

for a sippy sipping

Maybe she needs a refill

Like the cure of a beer near

ever weather sincere,

As the tears roll down

her frowning cheeks

All the more it pounds

as echoes of ringing sounds

Her left brain’s entangled

with the back her mind

Un-kind her hung she’s sprung,

So wrong but so damn right

When it goes down all so nice

That feeling

Oh that feel in he lean

Crush in rush in Vodka premium

Like a Toni B

‘You makin’ me high’ thing,

Echoes in her mind still hung

After the morning after

When the party’s over

Kinda insane in the brain

For the who

The what

The why,

More over

She’s hung over… 

Copyright © 2020     Bradley M. Tremmil


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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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