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# TBT Soul Food Quotes plus new pieces for you…😉


If love is the passion

Why make fear the pain

If faith is the rain 

that makes thing grow

All we need to know

There’s nothing to lose

And everything to gain…


If truth is rooted in things

How deep is that truth

Just like change is constant

Things can be here today

And then gone away tomorrow

Living on borrowed time

Do we understand?


How deep…



For the love of poetry

The poetry of love

Laid back in it’s tenderness

Are you lost in a fantasy

seeing stars flickering at night?

Sometimes the moon

takes on this romantic glow

Does your heart wane 

like its’ ever changing moods?

How deep is your love

Do you know

That you know

That you know,

Do you tremble at it’s touch?

With words

You say you have love

that wheels of poetry n’ mimes,

Inside of you

Is it for real what you feel

Or just wishful thinking

that vapors up and out?

Thru these times

around the sun and about

Can your love endure

distance and time?

How deep is your love

Is it rooted in truth

Is truth rooted in your love?

Don’t you know,

In and out of seasons

After sunshine comes rain

Then after the rains

the sun appears again,

For a time or two

Behind a mask

Does he hide his face

Or is it a filtered illusion?

You should know,

In the life of love

There’s a harmony

There’s a flow

There is no joy without some pain

How deep is your love?

Thru the falling rain

Can it stand the tests

again and again and again?

When the sun sets

Do you still wear a smile?

In a little while

When it’s time for rest

You love

Is it for real?

If it is en light,

Then bring for me

a lullaby tonight… 

Copyright © 2020         Bradley M. Tremmil 


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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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