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She: you’ve seem distant again. what’s the matter?

         cat got your tongue? hehehehehe… 

He: nah, not really. I’ve been busy with stuff.

       yo know me, I’m always working on something.

       and trying to get as much rest as I can.  

She: another one of your surprises, hmm?

He: why would I tell that? whether I am or not,

       it would defeat the element of surprisehmm!

She: I’m just asking…there’s no need for that attitude.

He: well if ask those kind of questions,

      you will get these kind of answers.

She: mxm…it’s never just a simple thing with you.

He: I guess not…it’s just the way I am.

      frustrating to some, fascinating to others.

       you either like it or you don’t

She: OMG you are so full of it.

He: oh yeah, you know you like it.

      right about now your blood pressure’s going up

      your temperature’s rising. I’d say you getting hot!

She: mxm, for you?

He: who else?

She: ha, ha, ha…whew…

        anyway-anyway let’s drop it and be nice

He: alright

She: just like that?

He: yes.

       so what have you been up to lately.

She: spending time with my friends. you know girlie time.

He: no I don’t know. how am I suppose to know?

       what do ya’ll talk about anyway?

She: girl talk.

He: girl talk? what the hell is girl talk?

       OMW, that sounds complicated. do I even wanna know?

       you all meet for tea or coffee or for whatever, carrying those

       big ass bags over your shoulders.

       what the hell is in those bags? that’s a discussion right there.

      this could be an episode to a TV show – what is in the bag?

She: you done mocking me?  

He: I’m not mocking you. I’m just saying, ya’ll wasting your

       talents. ya’ll could be talking about what’s in the bag

      and making good money at that.

      the Americans do it all the time, why can’t we

She: we? how do you fit into me and my girls

He: well it’s my idea so I should get some royalties, at least 35% or so.

       and other benefits

She: benefits? what kind of benefits

He: oh yes benefits. the kind of benefits we both can enjoy.

She: you’re crazy

He: yes I am…about you.

She: you’re not normal

He: you’re right, I’m not…and neither are you.

       we’re different kinda people. normal is not our thing.

      you should really consider that TV thing. you got the talent.

      the personality. plus you’re hot like that.

      I’m telling you baby, you all o’ that plus a bag of chips.

      everything I think of you I get the munchies like yum-yum-yum.

She: stop it now.

He: woman you got that smile…

     oh my goodness my whole world goes boom

     like I was on a Bob Marley trip

She: hey…have you been?

He: no-no-no…

* * * * * * * 


My Cherie,

Your smile

The Mona Lisa got nothing on you

When you smile

It’s like the world

belongs to this one universe,

Mi lady

Sometimes you say it best

when you say nothing at all

Thru your smile

You speak with no words

That’s when you glow as tough

a radiant internal sunshine

sings into my soul

It’s so contagious

that it shows on my face

I laugh for no reason

And I know why

Thinking about all o’ that

I smile

You smile

We smile,


Shine the light

for all the world to see

There’s much more radiance

when we smile,

Have a Happy, happy coffee day…

Copyright © 2020               Bradley M. Tremmil     


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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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