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They say

Never judge a book

by it’s cover

As much as

This much is true

A picture can paint a 1000 words

Like curiosity thru an open door

It’s a step into a whole new world,

A sight for blinking eyes

All it took

was just one look

When your title was screaming

‘Read me thorn,

Every chapter’s a-flaming

with brand new dawns’

Needless to say

Since the first time

you captured my gaze

It’s as tho a mystical ink

jumped off the manuscript

Pulled me by the ear

And lo –

Smacked me hard in the face!

Thinking prize,

Tell me

Please tell me

How could I ever 

rob my eyeballs

of something this good

When your hey said hello

If it’s me

Come check me more“…

As I turned the cover

Like windows to the soul

Your preface

were eyes with no disguise

Goodness gracious

Page after page then

And again and again

My eyes go down on you

like a photo shoot every time,

Every time you whet me

with your words,

Oh how you whet me,

Life is in session

You’re writing

And I’m reading,

Your Book                          

Copyright © 2020               Bradley M. Tremmil          


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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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