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Much ado they say

like what’s the fuss?

Much I do

I do like yay I say

Doth not I hath the keys

to open doors…


All smiles

As in mine and yours,

You are you

And I am me

Yet I am you

And you are me

We are them

And they are us

Thus two or few are one

As in 1 & 1 has won…


Your smile

is my smile

My smile

is your smile

Much I do

I do for smiles…


All smiles

Hide not your light

Not even for a little while,

For smiles

All smiles

Expresses your smiles…

Copyright © 2020         Bradley M. Tremmil                



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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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    • Old English can be a bit tricky, – the meaning in this Ode is directly opposite to your interpretation.

      The 3 dimensional philosophy of Oneness is both spiritual and emotional…guess what completes it?

      Differences are always a lifetime of work in progress…

        • Most times the essence of a line or text is lost in translation. When correctly interpreted it should have read as ‘Do I not have the keys to open doors?’.

          From a tertiary POV the emphasis on punctuation would be an indicator of how to interpret a line or a text.
          However, In this particular poetic phrase, the exclamation mark is of little or no importance because the main indicator is the word ‘doth’.
          Right from the onset a question is being asked…

          Does this make sense?

          • you are explaining your point well if that helps.

            But poetry is an expression – as poets, we wish two things.

            1. that the poem is read
            2. that the words are honored and touch the reader

            so we shouldn’t care if they took the words a new direction. We should stop and revel in the power of the words.

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