CAFFEINE'S: A scene from 'The Switch'…

a random scene from an upcoming fiction series ‘The Switch’

Negotiation Scene: 

Mr. B: How can you say these things huh?

This fool and their privileged agenda have caused gruesome

atrocities in this country and the whole of our continent.

We will put a stop to your superiority

We will not rest until you are thrown to the ground

Mr. W: What #@*t are you talking. You people behave like animals.

You appreciate nothing that we have done for this land.

Mr. B: Who’s land? This land? Haa! Voetsek wena…(get out, you)

This is not your land. It was never yours. Never ever even now.

You are abusers and liars who came here to rape and steal.

You have hurt our people. You have confused them to your

western religion and given them nothing in return.

Now they so stupid, they think they have power.

See them jumping and jiving for what?

For what power? What economical power? What political power?


They can’t even see themselves running around like rats

hypnotized by your western philosophy.

Stupidity haai, haai, haai.

Mr. W: You think you can run a country.

You think you can do better than us. Never, never!

I’m gonna bite my tongue and not say anything.

M: You two have been rambling on with your twisted philosophies.

Both claiming that your invented ideologies are correct.

But all I hear is babble talk! Through all your confusion

what you don’t see is that both sides victims of the same bs.

Regardless of how relevant you think you are,

you are mere pawns in the game of agendas.

Until you arrive at a unanimous conclusion no one wins.

Come up with solutions not circles.

Mr. B: We demand justice for all those injustices by these


M: Okay, okay, enough now! I am not here by choice.

Certainly not here to be part of your debate.

     I’m here to ignite balance according to the cosmic calendar.

If this balance is not brought to it’s order,

Like a switch,

There will be more shifts and things will happen quickly.

There are lines,

and these lines must not be crossed anymore.

The stakes are much higher now.

Do not, I repeat do not cross the lines.

The consequences will be to your demise.

Mr. B. I suggest that you approach the situation with a more

equally balanced policy. Regarding one ethic group higher than

others may not serve your agenda well in the long run.

If you’re sincerity is to empower your people, use your power to

rehabilitate the nation.

Remove the economical shackles, including the diseases

that caused the oppression’s. These are systems not necessarily

the people. Focus on equality.

Mr. W. if you knew what was against you, you would realize

that the power your masters claim to have is in grave danger.

Their ambitions have provoked an irrevocable enmity

with the sons of Genghis Khan.

They want vengeance as in the heads of all the heads.

And I quote “a severe punishment for their great sins”

You may or may not be aware that the sword of the great Khan

has already been unearthed.

The sons are awaiting a sign from the sky.

You have been warned.

And don’t assume that these are your only enemies.

My suggestion is that you get your houses in order.

Mr. W: Who do you think you are? You think you so special.


M: I am. And I really don’t care about your choices.

     That’s between you and the Highest Power that be.

     I came here to remind a remnant of who they really are.

If you go against them then you will provoke the ones

who come after me.

Be careful of ego sirs.

Undiluted Truth exposes your lies.

To concede to be wise. But…

But, your pride is your downfall…

Copyright © 2020         Bradley M. Tremmil 


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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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