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Mr. Bishop: Gentlemen, fellas…

This has been an auspicious occasion,

despite the climatic challenges at hand.

Eu sou grato, for the time spent.

Obrigado huh.

Mr. King: We all agreed today,

that a proper sense of community is the essential factor

for our communities. We must keep the communication lines

open for the greater of ourselves, our families and our friends.


Mr. Knight: Yes of course as long as everyone is on board with the

undiluted truth. Gotta tell like it is Fellas, but another time.

Right now I want to hear the Poet’s story.  

Brazo why don’t you tell us that story again.

You know, papa’s story. The one about the jam on the wall.

One more time please.

Fella: There we go again…

Mr. Knight: Shut up you dumb duck! Brah, don’t mind this fool. 

Ele é pequeno no cérebro. 

Fella: What did he say huh? Huh?

Mr. King: Nada, don’t worry about it Fella.

Hey Poet come on.  

One more time, for me, por favor.

Artist: Ay-yi-yi, 

okay, okay, here I go…

Alright, it’s like this. In my own words –

‘The Jam On The Wall’

so the devil walks thru a quiet town.

and realized that it was too clean for his liking.

because everybody got along just fine, you know.

there was a good rapport and a happy and chilled vibe, see.

so he decided to leave. but on the way out he noticed a pub.

this mutha sucker who is the real menace to society,

worked out his scheme. a proper mathematical equation

no doubt. he decided to smear jam on the wall.

this attracted a fly who got stuck into the jam.

then a cockroach who saw it’s supper presented by fate

darted over to grab his grub.

at the same time,

a good hearted gecko across room went to have a closer look.

by trying to rescue the fly this dude got involved in the mix.

not long after that a rat which just made residence

in this establishment grabbed onto what he saw as a meal.

the bar lady’s cat wasn’t going to allow these illegal

immigrants to play in his space so he decided to flex

his muscles and bounce these party poopers out.

but then a dog sitting with a blind man and his date

started barking at the commotion.

the bar lady in a false defense of her cat, smacked the man.

the blind man’s date retaliated by striking the bar lady.

and in a matter of minutes there was a major bar fight

which got the whole town going crazy with violence.

this in turn had God’s attention.

God angrily hollered at satan,

what did you do now!!!?

the devil replied with ‘I did nothing,

I just put jam on the wall…Hahaha…’

Fella: And the moral of the story is?

Mr. Bishop: Know who’s to blame for the chaos in the world.

Mr. Knight: People I say. People who are full of evil, or the devil

as our padre would like to say.

Fella: There’s just good and evil. As long as good people allow evil people

to prevail evil will exist.  

Mr. Bishop: I say we need an urgent call for prayer regardless

nationality, colour, religion or social standing.

A need for community is evident.

Mr. Knight: True that padre, you can do the honors for us.

Besides all of this, how about lighter note.

Brother Poeta what’s your latest piece?

Artist: Just a little something for a special Queen and her princess.

And also for anyone else who feels the need to be inspired by my art. 

Mr. Bishop: Hold on. Before you flow and off we go, how about we all

say a silent prayer to this. Listen…

Fella: und dann?

Artist: for more of her smiles,



Flickering stars

blinking up in the night sky

And my mind wanders

much more than the times

I wash dishes in the sink,

At this time

I think,

I think about the songs

I haven’t written

and the pieces I’m yet to write,

In spite of atrocities

I sigh to myself

When I think about

what means a lot to me,

I think about your smiles

And then,

And then

I think about your eyes

Your eyes,

The starlight from your eyes

they speak

They tell me

warm & tender things

I’m yet to learn,

In this moment of solitude

As my heart burns

for the closeness of your being

I find comfort

seeing these stars

Knowing that

with the canopy over me

my angels hearts are near,

It’s such a wonder

As ponder on how

I see your eyes

up in the stars,

And how I see the starlight

in your eyes…

Copyright © 2020               Bradley M. Tremmil     


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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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  1. there is a lo read and unpack here.

    The conversation seems so formal and yet conveys the feeling of a meeting well.
    the back and forth sounds like a very formal meeting.

    The artist arrives to spin a song of the stars.

    then you end with the songs not written and places not seen.


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