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7th SIGN… 

In the 7th year

On the 7th day

In the month of her rains

For the 7th time

I received the 7th sign,

At first it used to be

On my bed

In my sleep

I would hear the sounds,

Maybe, maybe not

sleeping awake

Beyond the mists far n’ near

Felt the tremors

from within then without

On those days

I would see visions

of things unclear,

In pursuit of simple things

I ignored the signs

or so it seemed,

It was key

A method in the chaos

Made it appear as madness

I protected the visions

until the time was ripe

for our sights to see,

The placenta 

when her waters broke

Until she was ready

to rise up to be,

Griped from plausibility

The skies waxed with contempt

for the earth is still restless

from her wounds

Then when the shifts

became more frequent

Could it be for Tehillah

The crimson horizon

prances the borders right on fire 


Out of the waters

From the depths of the sea

There appeared the image

of a movable liquid man

jittering towards the lands,

As the drumming grows stronger

As clear as the light of day

Like a ribbon in the sky

I see the words ‘Exist This’

For the days of Noah

shall be ripe as the days of Noah…

In the 7th year

On the 7th day

In the month of her pains

For the 7th time

I received the 7th sign…

Copyright © 2020         Bradley M. Tremmil                                                                                                     




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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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