#TBT,  This is one of my all time favorites…(it should be a scene from a chapter)…


When winter was fading,

the spring time was near.

Like the sunset 

oh so romantically elating,

Their feelings were tinglingly clear.

Soft as cream marshmallows

daintily dappled and mellow,

Her feet fall in the water

while the sunshine’s on her skin,

No doubt about the occasion 

this chappy’s happy to Beau as porter.

Her fellow picks a wildflower

yellow in its colour,

Which is symbolic of sacred friendship.  

He gently places it 

in her hair,

A stroke of touch 

caressed upon her neck,

Sends sensational

shivers down her spine.

A hiss, 

almost a kiss 

maybe a wish,

She daringly turns and stares

deep into his fiery eyes.

Her electric sparks orate a vibe

that makes him all the more wise.

He can’t help but being wooed

by the way her body speaks 

a language only he understands.

He’s slipping 

And falling

Like a rush in 

on a hush on

negating what wise men say.

As the chilled air settles down at dusk

From out of the cooling

she’s ready for the fireplace

Almost secretly panting 

to lay inside the cozy cabin’s musk.

Underneath the warmth 

of their checkered blanket

she places her head upon his chest.

Close by the fire’s ebullience,

They read a nameless story 

about the lover who wrote 

a silly love poem for his sweetheart.

They gaze up thru the skylight

to watch as blinking stars 

waltz across the night sky.

Cuddled under covers,

Melted in embrace,

She’s his only lover

and he her endless beloved.

Like pages out of a story book

they narrate daydreams of desires.

Dreams of adventure and excitement

while trotting around the globe.

They whisper sweet and secret

pleasantries all the while

giggling the night away.

Cuddled under covers,

Melted in embrace,

Inside a rosy cozy cabin

A Cabin by the lake…

Copyright © 2017               Bradley M. Tremmil                


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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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