Browsing Through Art on a Sunday

Sunday, 4.14.19

It was a nice day. At around noon, I decided to go to the OCMA because I wanted to check out the audio to the installations. The first time that I went there, I didn’t have time. And, during the second time, I forgot my iphone. The audio to art installations involved artists explaining their artwork without being there in person. It was a brief summary, which was enough. There were other people browsing in the art museum. They even did a demo, where they intentionally crashed one of the clay artwork to watch it crumble with other similar rubble.

I window-shopped inside the indoor mall, which was busy. I decided to check out Saks Fifth OFF store, which is a discount of Saks department store. It reminds me of the days when I used to go to the St. John CampOut annual sale. I created a Rewards card at the Saks Fifth OFF store.

Then, I decided to go home because I remembered that Gumby was out of dry food. So, I bought him his usual Trader Joe’s Holistic dry food.


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