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Bright Yellow Gun – WIP

This is the last Dia de los Muertos piece that I’m working on this year and it will most likely get shelved for a few months before I decide to finish it. I have just a few more pieces that I finished late which I will post and then I’m pulling the plug on the whole thing for a while…

I should probably mention that the title is just a working title and will almost certainly change before the release version

#1 work in progress

Actually, this version is pretty much release quality but it seems to be lacking a certain something. It wouldn't surprise me if the final version closely resembled this image but then again it also wouldn't surprise me if I spun off on an entirely new direction either...

#2 original recipe

This was my starting point. The whole reason I did this piece was to showcase the ornately engraved gun and then I ended up hiding it behind her head. All the other iterations were an attempt to reconcile that but I'm far from convinced I succeeded 

#3 remix

Yet another version, this one with a high contrast treatment

#4 rough sketch

This study attempts to solve the issue by switching sides. It might be the way to go or it might not be feasible at all...

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