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Boats Out of Water – A Suite of Photos Part 2

Port Townsend Boatyard – Port Townsend, Washington USA

The boatyard in Port Townsend, Washington has a tradition of building, maintaining, repairing, and restoring wooden boats. The town has a tradition of woodworking in general and the boatyard’s history with wooden boats is a big part of Port Townsend’s identity. Boats are pulled out of the water for repairs and painting and return when the maintenance is finished. It is always changing and favors frequent visits.

When I have my camera I take pictures of some of the boats I find. There are all kinds and sizes from pleasure crafts and charter yachts to hard working fishing boats that frequent the waters off Washington state and Alaska. Boats can have colorful histories. Some of the boats were built here. I am attracted to the older boats especially if they are traditionally designed wooden boats. The picture above is a boat that I wish I had more information about. It is probably getting a major renovation. I like the idea of that because it is obviously very old and deserves to be made proud again. Sometimes these boats are being worked on for more than a year before they once again hit the water looking like new. Well, sort of new anyway. You can’t hide old world design and craftsmanship.

Until next time, … and remember the 3 rules of old school sailing: 1) Keep the boat in the water.  2) Keep the people in the boat.  3) Keep water in the people.

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    • Those three rules were from an interview with a guy who put a sailboat over 100 years old in the race to Alaska. The guy who rigged his sails old school (the guy is also old) told him that. Old traditions ‘old wisdom – old humor. Probably very few people have his skills.

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