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Black & White Friday – Pen & Inks & Maori Doll

I did this while in the waiting room of Auckland Hospital. It helps pass the time. My husband Rick had a cancerous lump taken from his head and the radiation treatments nip that in the bud so he does not get cancer.

The best thing is with any illness, don’t wait, deal with it. See it do it. My Dad waited too long, which is why he died. If you see any suspicion, deal with it go to the Dr and get it seen too.

Don’t believe in these quacks..They don’t always work and may cause you grief. A normal Dr is tried and true.

Rick had his treatments radiotherapy is not a big deal and the majority of the people we met with cancer treatments,, survive..

#1 Starship Hospital

This is out of the window while we wait. It is the Children's hospital in Auckland.

#2 Maori Doll

This is a genuine Maori Doll. A woman in the cancer ward made this garment for the Doll in the waiting room and donated this to the Auckland Hospital cancer ward. She is wearing her Daffodil for Daffodil Day and we buy one of those flowers to give to the cancer foundation so one day a cure will be found that is better than what we have now.

As I said the majority of these people recover from cancer.


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Written by Pamela Moresby

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    • Yes, you are certainly right, I am used to this he is healing really well, he had a shoulder replacement last year and it is healing slowly.
      with being positive you also need to be patient believing that as things progress everything works out to the best.
      thanks for your kind word of encouragement Vidocka.

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