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Black & White Friday – Pen & Ink of Luke Skywalker

It it’s Black & White Friday, this must include pen & ink art work as well as Black & White photography.

So Luke Skywalker, the Jedi Knight is my contribution this Friday.

Although there are songs about heroes the real ones are the ones that fight and win the battle inside.

The evil and good inside us, what the real winner is, it what ever one we feed. However, in saying this, you can produce good from just about anything, because necessity is the mother of invention.

From hunger you learn to grow plants and vegetables. New Zealand needed to earn money from frozen goods when it took a ship 6 months to reach England, so refridgeration was invented in New Zealand.

Luke Skywalker is the Jedi Knight that chose to do good with who he was, while he did not always get us right and who of us is perfect? He always did his level best. Which is what any of us, Jedi or not can do.

While Im at it here, a painting or a pen & ink is not an instant conjuring of some magic person. To be honest, any art work produced is work, and effort and patience and often time. Many want things done yesterday, it may be true of instant coffee but not always in real life. Luke Skywalker was not an easy subject to draw.

However, there is a saying, “Journey of a Thousands Miles starts with a single step!” You may be surprised what you can do.

What do you think?

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  1. Fascinating likeness to Luke Skywalker. Your writing is also tremendously appropriate especially in this day and age. I am impressed. You are inspiring me to take my pencil and try my hand again at portraits. I used to do some eons ago…

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