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Bionic Angel WIP

For some reason, fanservice drives some folks out of their tiny little minds. They just lose it over the impractical armor and totally forget she’s flying without a helmet or any visible sign of propulsion. It’s ALL make believe, you should really just relax…

The piece reminds me of those resin kit models, so I tried to play that up in the pose and lighting. if I do revisit this piece, I will most likely do a Sanrio treatment. Hello Raptor?

I don't know what's wrong with that buggy targeting computer; her armor looks entirely practical to me. Otherwise, I think the HUD is pretty cool...

There is a version of the work without all the effects below

Flight rigs like this would only ever work in dreams or VR anyway. Unless you had some wind repellent force shielding that insulates you from the cold. In which case YOU WOULDN'T NEED ARMOR! sorry, I just couldn't help myself...


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