Best Contemporary Horror Novel Writer

You know writers have the advantage of bringing us into worlds we would otherwise never have the chance to get to know. We open a book and we start reading and right away it is like stepping over the threshold into another world.

Tananarive Due has had the pleasure of meeting Stephen King when she was just a young author starting out. She got King to write a blurb for her second novel “My Soul to Keep” and he wrote that it was an eerie epic. Today she is known for her work as the African Immortals series, a haunted house novel “The Good House” and a collection of short stories “Ghost Summer”.

At present Due is teaching a course at UCLA which was inspired by the 2017 horror movie “Get Out” by Jordan Peele. It is called “The Sunken Place: Racism, Survival and Black Horror Aesthetic.

She has many fascinating novels for those who love horror among them “The Living Blood” and “The Between”.


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