Bedlam (130 word story)

Rihanna’s vacant stare made the shrink ask again, “Who are you?” She was exhausted. Consequently she was dragged and tied to the bed. They put those electrodes to her temples, the shock convulsed her body.

She woke up to the same scene once again. She entered her studio apartment, bubbling with excitement and calling out to her friend, “He proposed to me!”. Sensing something amiss she looked around. Maria was lying in pool of blood, her throat slit, a broken bottle lay beside her.

A pair of hands grabbed Rihanna’s throat. An unholy flame of madness burned in his eyes. Something hit her head.

She remembered him now, he was the cop she saw on her way to work every day. She knew that she could never escape this bedlam.

I wrote this story for a challenge on a site that doesn’t exist anymore.  I enjoyed those low word count short story challenges there. Hope you like it. 


What do you think?


Written by Dawn

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