Beauty Portrait Photo Shoot Demo

Monday, September 17, 2018

At 11:30 am, I drove to Canon for a noon workshop on beauty portraits with photographer Sue Bryce. When I arrived at the parking lot, I noticed it was already filled, probably because it was early instead of a nighttime workshop. I walked inside toward the back room, where a studio was set up for a photo shoot demo. The photographer’s crew were there, which consisted a petite female model, hairstylist/makeup artist, another photographer, and an assistant.

As a photographer, always be in a flowing conversation with your model or subject. Keep talking to them to keep them engaged and active with interactive communication. Use words that are positive and professional.

Body language is important in posing or how it is posed because certain poses posed in certain ways can imply different meanings. Know what you want to communicate and how to successfully bring it out in your model and your photography skills. Communicate detailed directions to your model or subject.

Your hairstylist and makeup artist are a part of your team and image. Hire the right ones that best fit your particular photography style. They should also be good at enhancing the model’s features or improve subjects. Sometimes, you might your subjects to look rough, creepy, or just raw and natural. Your hairstylist and makeup artist should be able to create your vision, and you should be able to effectively create it to your team so that everyone is productive in a timely manner.

The number one goal for most photographers is to be able elongate people’s body to appear long and lean.

Give posing directions to your model via “mirror-maid” poses by posing certain way that you want them to look and tell them to mirror your pose.

Light and sheer fabric clothing, like chiffon, is good to work with in photo shoots because you can create artistic effects.

The three most important aspects of photography, or really any job, is who you work with, who you work for, and the end product you create as a creation of this team effort.

Sometimes, the final photograph might require some editing. She mostly uses Photoshop CC or Alien Skin. Play around with the lighting, exposure, contrast, highlighting, clarity, and other tools to make sure it looks natural or the effect you want for the image. The Patch tool can be used to clean the background of the portrait. You can also retouch the skin with a tool. The Dodge tool can be used to highlight or make certain areas lighter.


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