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Beauty & A Beat (Artwork)

Title: Beauty & A Beat

Made with: Gimp

Style: Graphic Design (Dance)

© Courtney Dutton

I got the title for this from a song by Justin Bieber. I am not really a fan of his music, but I do like that song. Have you heard it?

Anyways, I designed this after hearing that song and feeling inspired.

For the background, I kept it pretty simple and used only two colors (purple and a blue color). I also kept the foreground simple by just adding the dancer and the piece of land.

In the background I used white to add some music stuff (the beat) and some clouds. I kept it as simple as I could, but I still wanted it to be fun to make and enjoyable to those who view it.

What do you all think of this art piece?  Do you like it?  Why or why not?  Is there anything I could do to make it better? I am always interesting in hearing feedback on my work, as long as it is constructive.


What do you think?

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