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What is it about you

Time again I ask myself

Why is it

that everything around you

Seems to glimmer

as though they were glossed by gold…

For whatever, why ever, however

the reasons your gorgeousness

I even I have been subscribed,

Seeing the element of your vibe

If I try to be more than clever

Too many words may fail me,

How can I ever begin to describe

the magic of your being

What can I say

Through my intuition I have heard

You’ve got permission from the galaxies

Even the sun, moon and stars

are drawn to your attraction

Whatever you’re purposed to do

It will come into fruition…

There’s silver linings on my cloud

At that may I submit to mention

As clear as the rains bow

Your smile brightens up the world

like a ribbon in the sky,

I swear, I swear I can see

all the bees n’ birds vying

for your attention …

Your pretty eyes they remind me

of what’s so amazing to me

Like crystal clear waters this peace

Head upon my cushy comfy pillow

The vibration of the spirit

sets me rested,

Oh I like it babe

And I know you like it

that I like it lady…

I know I just know

The universe don’t mind all

for me to let the poetry say

When depression of the maddening crowd

endeavors to suppress my clouds

Ooh nah-nah you nah-nah

blow kisses to the embers of my coals

You light my fire in ways

As I breathe in oxygen

Music making love

Love’s in the music

I’m learning to understand

Of the reasons why

There’s a mathematical fraction

For such a beautiful distraction

as you…

Copyright © 2018                            Bradley M. Tremmil


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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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