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Bearicorn – WIP

The paragon of cryptozoology is the bearicorn, that most elusive of beasts. Is it real or just a fairytale to delight children? Is it a shape-shifter? Can it really grow a horn of hair? Is it’s three lobed tail both unique and strong? The world may never know… 

#1 current version

all the fur looks really nice to me, I think it is some of the best fur I've ever done...

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#2 materials test rev 1

she's got some fur trim that was the focus of this render, since I am still struggling with rendering realistic looking fur

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#3 materials test rev 2

I really like her skin here, but not for this piece

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#4 materials test rev 3

this is actually the raw render, see how plastic she looks? and she's got some different textures on her outfit

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What do you think?

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