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Beach People Collage

In this collage the hardest part was finding many different shades and hues of blue.  Blue for the sky, blue for the far deep ocean, blue for the waves and even blue for the sand.  I regret that the seagulls didn’t stand out better against the glaring sandy beach but that’s okay.  I still like how the finished product looked.  As always I start with a drawing and then lay in the pieces starting with the background.

What do you think?

#1 Finished Collage

#2 Step 1 is the drawing but I didn’t take the photo then. Step 2: laying in background.

I didn't take a photo of the drawing but I laid in the background waves and sky before taking this photo.

#3 Step 3: Adding waves and clothes

Here I have added clothes to the people and some white foam to the waves.

#4 Step 4:Work in the skin tones.

More work on the skin tones and reflections in the wet sand.

#5 Step 5: finish

Very small adjustments are made and the collage is finished.  It looks rather graphic and almost abstract with the triangle shapes everywhere, yet it still is identifiable as a beach.

What do you think?

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