Been 6 to 8 months

since the last shift

With much smiles n’ laughter

On the 7th thereafter

It got pretty witty in the city…

Now being the G that I am

The gentleman who is I

When she called then I went,

In a picture perfect moment

Just by the touch 

of her hand

It felt like lightening

shifted deep inside my body,


A sight for misty eyes

Could this be 

what Heaven sent to me

Refined by design

A picture perfect painting

calling the Picasso inside of me..

Ooh mercy me

The Gods were showing off

When they wrapped personality 

with all that scrumptiousness,

For no other reason 

than by just being

From top to rear glamorous 

Contours defined like the Bentley G 

She’s a super nova 

model extraordinaire  

Would this be

An angel come 

So I be in…

As I stepped into the evergreen

The Force who drives

surrounds about a ring of fire

In that moment 

winter falls to springs

Right there and then

I saw my name with wings

How relevant the elegance 

of things…

Now me being me

The gentleman who is I

I Be-in-G,

Everything that be

I imagined that

Everything to be

I imagine that

So when I step into waters

she will tremble at my touch,

To be or not to be

It’s no mystery

I know the time

I be mindful of my watch…

Dream on dreamer

Just be

I be

You be

We be,

We Be-in-G…

Copyright © 2019               Bradley M. Tremmil

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