Been gone too long

Much too long

since we had touched,

To myself

I tried to deny it

But my heart

My heart got a mind of it’s own,

He do honest he do

He told me truths

Truths from my depths

of how I missed her so much,

The more I denied

The more I tried

The more I realized

It was exotic passion

suppressed down in a cage,

‘Grow from boys to men’,

the so called wise so they say

A foolish thing I wonder

if they do indeed understand,

And what’s this suppose to mean

for a beach boy born

with a cloth in his hand

Is this for or against my word?,


I respect their demand

For the sake of peace

I did compromise

Then it dawned on me when I realized

Back to my ocean

again I needed me to be baptized,

So I made plans

I made plans

to trip back into my lands

A beach boy at heart

naturally bronzed by the tan

Supposedly a man with the plan

How ravenous rage

rapidly toed onto the sands

like he owned the land

Oh but the earth

was way too hot for the man,

So the boy stepped in the waters

And the waters showed me love,

Then we rocked and we rolled

And we tossed and we turned

till we trembled at her touch,

Like wining n’ dining

It was a flow

until the smacking of a T.K.O,

See I tried to ride the wave

but the wave rode on me


In a rush I,

I tried to control the love

but the love took control

of the man,

Oh-oh there he go

Ego bruised and crushed

but the boy’s not yet defeated

To a sweet surrender

The winds of change

they did whisper –

“Unless thee be like a child

the man himself is depleted,

For this reason

I say, I say

Let the boy play”

Now in this season

There ain’t no denying

my Angels’ prepared me a table,

In perfect timing

Se me

I be he who is daring

to be rhyming n’ dining

back into the love of my ocean,

Oh how she thrills me

When she sends me 

like a rocket to moon,

How soon my ocean

How soon…


Copyright © 2020         Bradley M. Tremmil                


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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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