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Awesome Photo Mashup – Raven Moon 25117

Raven Moon 25117         digital painting/collage  –  © 2017 – Howard Faxon

Raven moon is a loose mythic idea. The works all have ravens, which are really pictures of crows, and moons in them. I have a lot of pictures of the moon and lot’s of pictures of crows. The ravens in these works are the tricksters, the watchers, the carriers of messages between worlds, … those kind of ravens.  I am tying out different color schemes and environments around this very broad and undefined idea.

Here is one of the ‘Raven Moon Series’ that has an additional element representing the Pacific Northwest where I live. More of this series will show up here regularly.


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    • Thanks Carol. It appears along with others in many of my collages. The original photo is striking. The bird stood still for once and I was able to fill the frame with it. The feathers were visible which is often hard on a black bird. They are really crows I must confess. They came around daily. Cheers

  1. Stupendous photographic collage work. Yes I see the blue raven and the First Nations statue. One question: you say you reside in the Pacific Northwest. Are you Canadian born and raised? If not, that is OK but I am just inquiring.

    • No I’m not Canadian born and raised. There is at least one Canadian flag always flying downtown here though. I’m on the Olympic Peninsula.
      I wanted to separate the birds from the negative lore. Not a psychopomp, not Apollo’s messengers and symbol of bad luck, not the northern European evil portent associated with witches, not the unclean of Genesis, not a symbol of death and misfortune. — More like the Druid raven, or the raven of the Americas, in many places there is both good and bad lore. These are not the bad guys.

          • No, not mistaken. I wondered if the blue was significant to any folklore or such. Partly it is from the black photographed in bright sun. Tends to go blue a bit. It’s also perfunctory in that the orange brown background is on the dark side. — I’m in the process of reading your articles and like them very much.

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