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When you water me

You’re awe to me,

More to me

Come water me…

Too drunk with dreams

or so it seems

When I’m hot like fire

I be drastic as a felon,

Best put me in water

lest I roar

Nicely ice me down

And let me quiver…

Cry me a river

from that fountain beyond

North to south

Let the rain fall down

as you walk on thru 

the waters of my mind…

Ripply round 

I love the sound


Twice the spice 

You’re awe to me

Out of depths from the wells 

Come mist me 

as soil blows coolness 

from her mouth,

Yea be nice 

like water from a melon…


I do echo 

Earth to Aqua

Lead me to your ocean

Where me be bronzed

dripping from my melanin…

Surfing on your potion

I adore mi amore 

Oh how you’re awe to me

When you water me… 

 Copyright © 2019                        Bradley M. Tremmil     


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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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    • Hey Della.

      It’s been a while. How are you doing?

      My inspiration comes from life in general but mostly people, women in particular.
      When I feel a creative vibe coming on I don’t try to control it anymore, I just let it be. It’s hard to logically explain cos it just happens when it chooses to.
      And this piece right here was inspired by the Creator God. The experience was really-really awesome…
      When you feel it inside, just surrender to the moment…

      Thank you!!

      • I am great thanks, how are you?

        I would love to hear more about the experience sometime. I seem to have some writers block. Haven’t written any poetry for a long time. Its good to know other artist’s perspective. Thanks

        • I have never felt better. Thank you.

          Well good quality coffee always gets me going on the weekend.
          And of course the day would not be the same without my music.

          One of the most fascinating experiences for me is listening and feeling.
          It’s the vibration of elements all around, especially somebody’s soul.
          Even when a person is silent they are always saying something in their thoughts. Most often their body language interprets the unspoken.

          More coffee more inspiration…


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