Love ItLove It



Just when it seemed like 

I’ve traveled too long

Gratification granted me

the serendipity of awe,

So much more not less

By far as rare as African diamonds 

are priceless

Along came your ooh

with the magic of you,

How can I ever

not be in the awe of 

my boo?

On wings that fly

The navigator who is I

Girl for a while

It was like sailing galaxies

contending fools & beasts

Floating thru the universe

Ramming thru battles

upon oceans and seas

Till I be down on my knees

Just to get 

right up close to you,

Yeah there were some could’ve beens

But none that quite would’ve been, 

Now that the time is ripe

And I’ve earned my stripes

Among the spoils set before 

There is no greater prize

than the magnificence of you,

Me for you in you for me

See this love babe

Is no ordinary love

While we rhyme in time

with homies & cronies

We dine with Bishops and Queens

Yet the world still ain’t never seen

the superbness of the Evergreen,

Being in this love babe

Is being a better you

And a better me

Don’t you know

It was written in the stars

Eons upon eons 

upon eons

before this only just begun?

Beyond the open door

Sweeter than sweeter

Listening at this glistening

In awe of this love 

Deeper and deeper

This love oozes more and more pure,

More I adore mi amor 

For you and I 

We be on the wings

In awe of the art,

The art in awe…

Copyright © 2019               Bradley M. Tremmil     

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