Autumn’s Sad Song

A colorful season for sure,

but nature is going to sleep,

the days are growing shorter

and it’s getting much colder.

Autumn has begun its sad song,

heartfelt melodies –

heard upon the wind.

Soon the birds will fly away,

north winds will take the leaves from the trees,

the grass beneath my feet,

won’t be green anymore

and will wither and die.

even if those colorful leaves,

are always a sight to see –

I sure wish that summer could last a bit longer.

I see the changes beginning already,

it feels like it’s much too soon,

the rain comes more often

and each raindrop is like a sad tear falling.

Less and less I hear the bird songs outside my window,

the days have more gray in them

and I know that soon –

the last song birds will be flying away.

Autumn’s sad song,

starts to pick up tempo,

until it becomes a full blown crescendo.

There are times,

when this ritual repeats each autumn,

that I’d like to spread my arms

and fly along with birds through the skies.

Just perhaps to drift along,

on a white cloud of fluff,

to look down

and see the world from a bird’s point of view.

So when those first leaves,

come dancing by me in the wind,

I’ll look up at the sky

and wave my farewells.

Knowing that no matter,

How sad autumn’s song is,

there will be colorful beauty all around

bringing new joys.


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