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August 31st/18-Another Alex Ledante Inspired Art of Mine

Alex Ledante gave me permission to draw from his artwork. it is training for me in many ways. Alex’s Original-click here. I hope I done a fair job from the likeness of his drawing. Oh, sorry Alex I forgot to color the bug on her chest. I know her tattoo is not that good, but hey it is a sketch lol. Really, I am amazing myself. I know a little about drawing, but lately i have been drawing out of my comfort zone. I can say i am pleased with my progress.

 Now, to hear what Alex the art-master thinks of it. Holding my breath lol.


What do you think?


Written by LaJenna

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    • First, I want to thank you for allowing me to use your work as training for me, and all your helpful tips. Only a brother would allow such a thing lol. I like to draw many different things, but I would like to focus on drawing of things children and adults would like to buy. Children would like pet drawing, or photos of the cartoons they watch. Adults like animal drawings as well. I may want to try to paint some nice views of mountains and such. I have not drawn for a long time, so I am please I am doing as good as I am. I know your the art-master I am just a wanna-be. maybe I will make it one year lol

  1. Your works continue to move forward.
    Btw, do you intend to become a true painter?
    If so, you really need to continue to practice while listening (with an open mind) to a lot of input, suggestions, advice, and criticism from all directions.
    If not, you just need to keep practicing but don’t need approval from anyone but yourself.


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