Artworks during mental block

So I’m really having a hard time thinking of new artworks to produce lately, especially ones that require a drawing tablet, so I drew these two artworks to cope with my art block. They were really quick draws, just so I don’t get “rusty” while I’m lacking any ideas for new artworks. They’re currently on my RedBubble, feel free to message me if you’re interested with the designs!

Mr. Purrfect

I drew this anthropomorphic cat just for fun; this isn't usually my style but I wanted to try out something new and simple, hence this piece.

Bunny wearing a man costume

We're all familiar with pictures of people wearing bunny costumes, so I drew a bunny (or a hare??) wearing a man costume just for fun, and I wanted it to look less creepy, I hope I succeeded in that part!

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