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My Art – The Ennio Morricone Series pt. 1

Hello everyone!

Since I’m new here and this is my first post I would like to make a small introduction into my posts.

I am an MA painter of fine arts and I will present my work here. I will start with one of my latest collections, the Ennio Morricone series of paintings and drawings. All artworks are in different dimensions and were made during my studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts. There are four oil paintings and several pencil and charcoal drawings. I found inspiration for this theme in the newspaper article about the concert that was about to be at the time and there was a picture of the artist which I found interesting and took it for further exploration. So all the artworks from this series are kind of exploration of the face and its parts that I found the most interesting…

The following painting is the first painting from the series. It is made in oil on canvas technique, 120×100 cm. It presents the whole portrait of Ennio Morricone.

I hope you’ll like it and enjoy! 🙂

Ennio Morricone, oil on canvas, 120 x 100 cm

Photo and artwork © Ta.S (tasartcraft) All Rights Reserved


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    • Thank you so much, I am very glad you like it and what you said means a lot! 😉 🙂 Yes, that is something I often combine (not intentionally of course) – lines and surfaces as I am good at drawings too… 🙂 It’s interesting some people told me my drawings look more like paintings as I actually have the same approach to both kinds of works… ;/)

    • It was a post I planned to edit because the photo is missing in it due to the missing photos bug which was never fixed and now there are photos missing even in some newer posts due to Another change of the design…! So it was in my drafts but since the Edit button is removed now and missing for more than a month I asked them to put it back where it was – as my first posts in my published posts!… Unfortunately, they published it as a “new” one and not where I aked them it to be… So now it went straight to the Most Commented ones like most of the old edited posts were when we were able to edit them… 😐

  1. I missed that first post. But then this portrait was on T-shirts. In the comments, I see the names of people who are no longer here. I tried to share a post today but failed. I don’t know how to share them again.

    • It’s not a problem, maybe you weren’t even a member then…? :/ Yes, this is the first painting from that series and the drawings on the T-shirts are from the same series!… 🙂

      Yes, I know, I saw that long ago too, many people aren’t active anymore, as you can see I got 55 upvotes on this post while now we can’t get more than something like 25, even if that many…

      This post isn’t shared, it is actually my first post which I have put back in the drafts recently to edit it while the Edit button was there since the photo inside of it is missing as it is missing in many old posts but since they removed the Edit button I asked the editor to put it back in the published posts where it was so I could edit it later if the Edit button was put back but he published it as a “new” post which I don’t like and minded him since I wanted it to be put back where it was – in the place of my first post…! 😐 Recently there was a post that was edited and put back in the same place where it was but now I was told “they are not able to do that”……… 😐

      Why did you have problems sharing your post today…? What happened…?

    • You should definitely try it… Thank you very much for thinking so!!! This one I did with oil paint (like the other paintings I posted), and I must say I find that medium (oil paint) the most comfortable and suiting. They say it is “the hardest” to paint with oils and I like it and it suits me the best.

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