Art at Noon

Saturday, 8.21.21

I browsed in two adjacent and connected art galleries today, checking out different artworks on display. There were some new artists displaying their work. I noticed a variety of art styles. At 2 pm, I did drive across the street to windowshop inside mall.

#1 Futuristic Harvesting 2021 in Art

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Dressed to the nines, I drove to Showcase Gallery, fashionably 30 minutes late. I browsed the art as I did a video of the artwork. I noticed interesting art. A couple got my attention more because they reminded me of something else in society. I read more into some artwork because of the Youtube videos about tarot cards. I meditated on each other, and something else popped out.

#2 Art Merchandise 8.21.21

Connected to this Showcase Gallery, I walked into the Bear Street Gallery to notice some artistic merchandise created by some of the artists. Scarves, purse decors, sculptures, and collages are some of the artworks on display.


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