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This is my First open list, so I thought I would do a Art and Artist challenge. We did this before on another site and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

Just post a small Collage of you and some of your creations, regardless of what they might be everything is welcome.

This is me and some of my work. I’m a digital Artist and use programs sure as Mandelbulb3d and Jwildfire to create Fractals. I also create 3D models which is my real passion.

#2 Craig's Art

Some of my recent art featuring Fractal Art created using JWildfire and Mandelbulber3D.

Fractal flames are my dominant art, but I love to filter photos and manipulate images to break down the barriers between different types of art, like mixing digital art and photography.

Woody and I have been collaborating on Fractal Art for the past few years, learning from each other and coming up with some great ideas!

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#5 txatxy

Hi i am txatxy

I like crafts, animals, photography, play with photosop

And I have great views from my window

This is my contribution at the entrance of

I do not know if I have done well, if it is not so forgive me, my English is 0

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#6 By lacho59

This is my collage. I'm not a professional photographer. I do not have professional cameras. I live 200 meters from the sea and I adore it. I'm visiting him in the morning and evening. Even in winter. If there is something incomprehensible please excuse me. Use translator.

© Elenka Smilenova 2017 - All Rights Reserved

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#7 #6 DayByDay Collage Story

Here is the story from top to bottom and from left to right...

1) Panorama photo made with my mobile phone (Xperia T3) - unmodified. The photo was taken on island Ciovo (Croatia) looking at Kastela Bay and town Split (where Roman Emperor Diocletian built his palace)

2) My daughter eating grapes (at the same place as above) - photo also taken by Xperia T3 and unmodified.

3) My younger son, 2 years ago when he asked me to teach him how to knit - cropped and edited photo

4) "Two wolves inside us" - one of my favorite memes I created some time ago

5) Circled photo in the center - With my Mom two years ago on her 95th birthday - (this photo was edited a lot as the original was terrible)

6) Red Burger - a photo taken last year on Zagreb's Burger Festival with my Olympus camera (cropped)

7) Simba - my older son's cat. Quite a moody cat. 😉 I call him 'Simba the King'

8) With my feet in the sea - photo was taken same time as the first two (just cropped)

9) Chocolate shoes - photo taken last year with Olympus camera on Zagreb's chocolate festival

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#8 #8 Pillowtalk story by ©Artbyjolla

Hello, everyone 🙂

Here is a small selection of my artwork presented in a form of pillows. I am an artist specialising in abstract and semi-abstract.

The technique used in these examples is acrylic on canvas and alcohol inks on yupo paper. I am also passionate about using my camera..capturing anything that catches my attention and beautifies my world. You can see some more of my work at my online gallery at Fine Art America and other social media sites. Thank you for your visit and appreciation:) have a wonderful week ahead.

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